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BitTorrent is the application that has given its name to one of the most used P2P protocols for file exchanges on the internet over the last decade.

Its download speed, and the wide number of resource available are the two main things that have made this file exchange network one of the most sought after options, preferred by millions of users around the world.

BitTorrent depends on the number of users who have previously completed downloading the file you want to obtain. The more users have the file on their shared folder, the faster it will be to download the file.

The program is especially efficient for files that take up a lot of space, such as HD movies, music compilations, applications, electronic book collections, and others.

BitTorrent works using the torrent file system, an index that contains all the files which are to be downloaded. You can also create customized torrent files which you must share if you want other users to be able to download them.